Product information

We don't treat the hair, except by washing it with water and cleaner or deodoriser agent.

The hair is woven with almost invisible fibre and, optionally, silver string and attached to the metal parts with our own, unique process. We use the highest quality glues and heat to make the connection secure. Attachment has a lifetime guarantee.

The hair may be damaged due to wear and tear, but in everyday use, the weave usually lasts 5-8 years. Models with protective features should last for a lifetime.

We are happy to replace the weave for a small fee if or when the time comes, so please keep some hair for that reason. If you send us a lot of extra hair, we also file some it for reference or re-make of the piece.

The metals we use are 925 Sterling silver, 14 karat rosé and white gold and 950 platinum.

Items are 100% nickel-free. If you do get colouring wearing our silver jewellery, it is due to sweat, silver particles and a cosmetic product on your skin. Colour comes off by washing your hands.